Padstow 'Obby 'Oss

Today was as wet if not wetter than yesterday.  It has poured down all day but it didn't dampen the spirits of the Padstow folk as they celebrated their annual May Day tradition.   We came a few years ago in glorious weather. 

We arranged to meet HildasRose and the rest of the Bliperati  staying in Fowey.  They came here on my recommendation and when they arrived it was wet and miserable with no sign of the celebrations and we felt sorry for ourselves sitting in rather an unprepossessing cafe.  However shortly afterwards we stumbled upon the  'Blue Oss' and after fish & chips we saw the Blue and Red 'Osses' in close proximity as they came out of their stables after lunch.   Anyone who hasn't been here wouldn't understand all this (and quite a few who were there!)  There is a brief explanation in my blip 4 years ago

I think it ended up as a good day after an unpromising start.

Now trying to dry everything out!

My extra shows the misty view across the estuary

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