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By turnx3

Doing the "Sanibel Stoop"!!

Sanibel Island is known for its shelling - ranked as one of the best places in the country. It's largely east-west orientation (as opposed to the north-south of most of the barrier islands), together with its curved shape means it acts as a scoop, catching shells brought in the currents up from the Caribbean. It is such a popular pastime, they have coined the phrase "Sanibel stoop" to desribe this typical stance of many people, (including me!) you will find on Sanibel beaches!
Our day started with church - a very nicely done confirmation service, including a humorous and clever children's address, using puppets, aimed at the younger children, explaining what confirmation is. There were four youth being confirmed, and each of them made some sort of individual presentation explaining what their faith meant to them. One had made a simple PowerPoint presentation, another had made a video, one made a very eloquent address and the final one had created a wonderful drawing of Jesus carrying his cross, surrounded by various words of faith. After lunch back at the apartment, we headed to the beach for the afternoon, enjoying the sun, the sight and sound of the waves, the bird life - willets, sanderlings, black-bellied plovers and ruddy turnstones, and of course a walk on the beach with the intermittent Sanibel stoop!

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