Just back from an action-packed few days in east/northish Cork. Himself jetted off to Yorkshire at some ungodly hour on wednesday morning and I went off in pursuit of holy wells - 16 bagged over three days!! And some really good ones, so I shall backblip when less shattered. A great day today - four really interesting and scenic wells, and two no shows, and a jolly jaunt around an awful lot of countryside attracting a lot of attention from dogs and frisky cattle and a few locals. Getting to the last well was an adventure in itself - a mile walk along an old mass path, following a river through pasture and woodland - some of the bridges were interesting!

I stayed in a lovely place in Cloyne run by an Albanian couple and I was there only guest for the night and was treated to the most royal of breakfasts. They were disappointed that I wouldn't have anything cooked and fed me warm poached plums, organic yogurt, honey and homemade scones and brown bread!

Just to remind you that I'm hosting Derelict Sunday this month and the theme for this week is Windows. Spotted this little place in darkest Carrignavar where I'd stopped to ask directions and was thrilled that the tiny local shop also did toasted sandwiches and strong coffee - breakfast a distant memory by then. Wrecked now!

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