Room with a View

Oh boy, flaming May has vanished - it's freezing and blowing a hoolie and the fire has just been lit! It's #son2's birthday today - much older than any of us care to admit - and he sent me down a picture of him lounging in his outdoor hot tub, blue sky  and everything!

I had to go into Skibbereen for my NCT (MoT) and failed - shock absorbers or something, so will now have to go and see Jim to get that sorted. I did a bit of shopping then went to two art exhibitions, followed by lunch (see extra view - Skib was decked out in yellow balloons as tomorrow is  Darkness into Light ).

This is for the what's outside my window challenge - the view from the spare bedroom. It's all greening up somewhat! Can you spot the gunnera?

Two backblips from my jaunt out east:
Sunday's Well

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