Wild Wednesday ....

.... and it certainly was a wild one!

Most of the day was spent cleaning the house .... getting it ready for our house/cat sitter as we will be heading for Tennessee on Friday.

At one point when I looked out the living room window I saw a brilliant flash of blue.  What was that?!?  As it turns out it was an Indigo Bunting!

I quickly grab my camera and took a few shots as we have never seen a bunting in our yard EVER! Unfortunately, my camera was not on the right settings and the photos were not at all good!  This was one of those pictures but I had to play around in Topaz Impressions disguise the badness! 

I have added an extra with some of the other wildlife that came for a visit today.  The upper left picture is a Chipping Sparrow, which I find simply adorable.  The middle picture is of a female Northern Cardinal.  And, of course, you know the other two pictures are squirrels!

Happy Wild Wednesday!

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