Abstract Thursday .....

Today was another gorgeous day ... although maybe a bit too hot! It got too hot too soon with temps in the upper 80's today!  What happened to Spring!?!

I spent the day mostly at home ... only going out later for our normal Thursday night eat out night!  After dinner we went to Sam's Club to buy the protein shakes that I like ... only to find that they no longer sell them! I was quite annoyed to find this out as I would have bought up a lot more the last time I was there if I had known that they were going to discontinue selling these shakes! I bought another brand to try .... I hope it's as good. 

I'm posting this to Abstract Thursday even though I'm back blipping this quite late!

Back blipped: May 6, 2018 .... and more to come! If you are interested .... I have also back blipped starting here.

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