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By SJordan

The Wild Beast

Better large!

Today we spent the day at Canada's Wonderland with my friend Kendra and her brother Adam. Kendra's the granddaughter of friends of John and Roberta's, we usually spend some time together when I'm over here or she comes to Northern Ireland with her Granny, so it was awesome to be able to spend the day with her at the theme park.

Kendra picked us up at 9.30 and we arrived at Wonderland just before 10.30, we spent the whole day there, leaving when it closed at 8 this evening. We rode so many rollercoasters, The Wild Beast, the one in my pic, we got to ride 4 times in a row at the end of the day. However, the highlight of the day had to be Leviathan, the new coaster for this year, it was INSANE! So much fun... Another interesting point of the day was getting stuck at the top of The Drop Tower for a few minutes due to "technical difficulties", that was an experience... Especially as it was our first ride of the day... Hmmm... But it didn't put us off, we rode it another 2 times later in the day. It was such a fun day and I appear to have gotten some sun, which is always a bonus. :)

Toronto is on the agenda for tomorrow, A wants to do some more shopping, I dunno how he's getting all the stuff he's bought home... But he has been warned that I won't be paying for his excess baggage...


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