I'm rather blue today.

Cycled to work, which was nice enough but a lot of traffic and car drivers really clearly don't understand what the highway code says about single track lanes and how wide a vulnerable road user is (bike, horse or pedestrian).

Work was utterly dull and pointless but I did make some slight progress on one issue, so not an utter waste and I had a good lunch!

I cycled home, which was better than going to work because there was a lot-lot less traffic, and I had more of a tail wind. After changing I did the gas and electric meters then took this picture of a garden bluebell, which is probably a Spanish or hybrid form, as it's tall and straight and planted in a sunny border. We didn't put it there, but it's the more common form in most gardens because it like sun, unlike the so called British version which likes shade.

After dinner today I have a another French lesson. It's awfully slow going but it's going. I just have to keep pushing!

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