Our Street

We have been nicely 'house-bound' today in the sunshine with lots of gardening jobs to do and a parcel to wait in for, brought by Cecil, always smiley with time for a chat before he's on to the next delivery.

We had another display to organise first thing so when Tony headed off to Bingley with the photos to print off, I got out the mower to do the back of our terrace, then got in to a long chat with neighbour Marjorie who was born on the street and is a wealth of knowledge.

I spotted that the starlings were on a flight path from their nests in the eaves to the flutter butter and set up my camera on the tripod to catch them in flight - no such luck.  As soon as I was all ready to go they decided to have a break and then flew off in the opposite direction!  Whilst I was enjoying sitting on the grass and doing nothing, I spotted how good the terrace was looking in the sunshine, hence my blip.  The tree to the left is the oft blipped elder tree full of our feeders.

Tony has done all my summer pots and the hanging baskets and the window boxes, phew!

To round off the day, my blip appeared on the weather forecast on Look North!

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