What a day!

I took the 10:13 train to Pitlochry and then climbed Ben y Vrackie - the hill behind the town. A 4 hour hike up and down. It was a gorgeous day with not a cloud in the sky.

On the edge of town on my way back to the station I had to pass the Moulin Hotel - except I couldn’t. I had to go in. It brews its own beer. It is excellent. My first pint went down in 3 mouthfuls. The second was a more genteel affair. At least 5 mouthfuls.

Then the 17:33 back home.

Apart from taking advantage of the wonderful weather, getting good exercise and fresh air, the outing was my antidote to election fever. With the counts starting at 8am, I didn’t know the results until I got home.

It was good news. The candidate I’ve been campaigning for was re-elected. In my voting area my first choice was also elected (but gee - this single transferable vote system isn’t easy.)

I suspect us foot soldiers will get the weekend off, and then we start on the Westminster election campaign. “First past the post” system for that - simple but not very democratic.

The Blip was taken on the summit. The couple in it started the descent just before me. The man spent a lot of time on his phone on the way down.

The extra is my refreshment stop.

Bed early tonight.

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