Life happens

while you are doing something else.

Or so it seemed this evening as I was playing with the photos I took today. I went out in a lull in the day's rain to take some photos. I hadn't taken any and I wanted to catch a blip. I grabbed my little RX100 because I knew I could play with the images and post something creative. So I sat at the table in the dining room and started fiddling. At one point I happened to look up and this is what I saw out the window. Wow! Out I went with my little camera in hand and grabbed a couple of shots of the rainbow before it slipped away. It was full circle with a faint second rainbow above. Of course I had to keep fiddling and I'm posting some of the results as extras.

Today I went over to Steve's after lunch to play Carcassonne at his house. Marleny and her daughter were here cleaning and I thought it would be quieter at Steve's. Of course it was and we played two games, each winning one.

Then I tootled off to Silverado to visit Arvin and Steve went to his lady Kai's place for dinner. Arvin was just about the same today as he was yesterday. I have to admit it is really hard to be with him right now. He speaks softly, almost like he's thinking out loud, and much of what he says makes little sense. Again I helped him eat and he did not eat very much. The staff are giving him plenty of snacks during the day because he's lost 10 pounds since he's been at Silverado. After dinner I wheeled him to his room. Tricia, a wonderful caregiver who seems to especially like Arvin, came too and was helping Arvin get ready for bed. He seemed really tired. I put on some lovely guitar and voice music by Laurindo Almeida and Sally Terry. I kissed him goodnight and slipped away while Tricia continued to get him ready for bed.

I shopped on the way home and now I'm relaxing and soon will watch some TV. I am ready for an early night tonight I think. Tomorrow I'm spending the day with my sister-in-law Nora. That will be fun.

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