Copenhagen and Me.

By RtCph

New Angle On Old Beer

Finally. Perfect conditions for flying, 1mph wind, nice and sunny. So I popped over the road to JC's back garden for a bit of practice. I don't know why but I get terrified when the thing goes above a few meters, it's like secondary vertigo. Here it's at about 48 meters and I'm petrified. In the foreground there is the founders house (and later Niels Bohr's also) and the quadrangle of buildings behind it make up Gamle Carlsberg (Old Carlsberg opposed to "New Carlsberg".

I did manage to hit the "record" button a few times and have put together a 1:16 video. I need to be smoother and slower with the turning and general movement but it's getting there.

EDIT: I've lost a lot of quality uploading to Blip - what is the native resolution - has it changed? Not pleased.

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