Onwards and upwards....

By Yana1

924. (Not so) Silly Saturday!

I spotted this scared looking wee collie in town this morning waiting for his owner and peering through the spokes of her bike....as I approached the dog he started to growl and then I noticed the muzzle...so decided not to be silly and stood back a bit!

I initially though the dog looked quite cute but as I got closer you could see he wasn't happy at all...it seems a shame to put a wee dog through the torment of going into a High street and then leaving him whilst you go in a shop...as it's quite plain he's not comfortable with people milling around him...or (like me) showing an interest in him!

I do have a healthy sense of caution when it comes to some dogs but approach labradors without a hint of hesitation and I know collies can be highly strung....

Sorry I've been a poor Blip buddy this week but travelling always leaves little time to peruse journals and I just get too far behind making comments sometimes....I will try and at least catch up with today's images!

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