Quilt raffle for MS

Today was the Walk MS here in Wilmington and the weather couldn't have been better!  The temperature was in the low 60s.  Yay!  (about 16ºC)

Last year, with the wonderful help of our member Jenny, we had put together a quilt that we raffled off with the proceeds going to the National MS Society.  At the drawing it was Jenny's mum who won the quilt and she graciously donated it to the MS Chapter office in Raleigh where it now hangs on the wall.

This year, Jenny decided we needed to be more ambitious and do two quilts!  One quilt comes with quilted letter squares so that you can play Scrabble on it!  The second quilt has squares that have been decorated by the various members of our support group and then Jenny has pieced it together.

We have sold tickets over the past couple of months and then today at the Walk MS, we were set up at our team tent with the quilts on display selling more raffle tickets.

At the end of the walk the drawing for the quilts were done.  The first ticket was drawn and the winner of the "Scrabble Game Quilt" were Kent's & my grandkids out in Utah!  Kent had bought some tickets in their name.

At this point, I am standing and holding up the second quilt and the winning ticket is drawn for that one and the winner is?! - Lisa Corse, my sister!!  I had purchased tickets in the name of all my family members and all my visiting teaching sisters.  

What were the odds with the hundreds of tickets that that would happen?  Just glad that neither Kent's nor my hands were anywhere near that box when the winning tickets were drawn.

I am excited for the grandkids and my sister.

It's been a long tiring day for me, with lots of exercise (Dr Evans & I were video recorded dancing "The Twist" as we waited for the drawing) and so it will be an early night. 

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