Wilderness walk

I have just posted the last two days' blips, and am finally back up to date after a busy end to the week.

Mr B and I got up at a decent hour this morning and went out on our bikes. We didn't cover a massive distance, although it felt far enough, but we did attack some hills today. It took me a while to get into it, but then I managed to get up the hills with minimal whinging! My legs hurt now though!

Then we all set off to Woodend for some lunch and carried on to Mt Macedon for a lovely walk. Cousteau was the only one who found the hills easy; the rest of us were a bit tired! Still, it was heaps of fun and, as usual with my nutty family, lots of laughs to be had.

Home to do the week's supermarket shop and to fill up my car with fuel.

And another weekend is done and dusted. It's been a good one. :-)

Night all.


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