Nearly done and dusted

I spent an entertaining morning with my mates from the Men's Shed, Ray and his side-kick Barry.

We worked in the garage adding shelving support strips and brackets in the back wall of the laundry alcove, and adding a few other fittings to walls.

Then it was inside to hang some heavy or awkward art than needed studs or dwangs, the things I sometimes miss when I go looking for them. Hooks were added to the back of the couple of doors (a mission with MDF), and a few legitimate blobs of silicon sealant around the cat door and in bathroom.

After they left I happily pottered in the garage finding homes for more things, problem solving what to do with a few things, and neatly stacking what's left to go on the shelves (they arrive next Saturday). At last I can put the car in the garage :-)

All that's left to do is fit the shelves, line them with non-slip stuff (earthquake proofing), move the stuff on the floor or on top of the washing machine onto the new shelves, label the plastic storage bins so I know what's in them, and do the same quake proofing to the existing shelves.

I can easily walk around when the car's in the garage and get stuff. Best of all the bike rack and bike fit on too so I won't be mucking around outside in the cold sorting that :-)

Everything has a place to live and I won't (or shouldn't) trip over crap all over the floor. I'll just need to be careful to grab an ice axe and not a gardening tool or vice-versa ;-)

It's starting to feel more and more like my house.

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