High Dam

Not a particularly good showing by family  P at the 2017 British Orienteering Championships. They sound prestigious but there are no qualification rounds and anyone can enter if they want to. This is brother in law J and his wife V at the end of their 3 hours on  a medium difficult newcomers course although they failed to find one of the checkpoints. Son R retired 3/4 of the way round the  very long young men's elite course, complaining of a sore calf . Mr P's brain failed him after 2 hours and he just could not find a checkpoint so gave up. So far that's a 60% family failure rate.  Son M was pleased that he at least finished the same very long course that his brother gave up on. I took RetiredDBA round the medium difficult newcomers course that J&V struggled with. I am pleased to report that we finished 18th out of 49 in just over 90 mins.  Weather was amazing


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