Rubber meets wood

I'm changing some things this week.

I'm in a comfortable blip rut where I document and take the obvious photo. There's nothing wrong with that and it's a good choice when my head is full of other stuff. I miss the photography I used to do and I'm going to allow myself the opportunity to explore again.

At my new home I get up earlier to go to work. I'm going to develop the habit of going to bed earlier.

I lost the habit of stating each day in my blip one thing I'm grateful for. I did it for the duration of my second quake repair and at the time that was the beginning and the end.

That's not to say I've lost the habit of gratitude in my private life. Another blipper pointed out it's absence though and he's right, it is an absence. To type something each day that I'm grateful for is to somehow live gratitude more deliberately.

Today's gratitude: I have some very good people in my corner.

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