A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


I have mixed views about sharing this under the "What's Outside My Window" thread, which is a little odd.  We brought this huge B&B and it's even hugerer garden back in 2014 as a complete change of career. In some ways we feel uncomfortable living in something so big and grand, even if it's what a moderate house in Cambridge translates to in Malvern.  

However, sharing it with guests and visitors gives us, and them we hope, great pleasure.

The view here would be utterly unrecognisable to the previous owners. The windows have been restored although that's not visible as such, but they do now open. The garden view you see here is no more than a couple of years old - the terrace and lawn replaces uneven grass, all the shrub/flower planting is new and the 1930's pavilion has been restored. Just out of shot is the castle tower carved from the tree stump.

The stained glass panel was one we found languishing in the basement, in what can only be described as a dire condition.  We were very pleased to find a local expert who restored it and mounted it as a panel so we could hang it here where guests can see it.

Hmm - when writing something like this you begin to realise quite why the last two years have seemed really rather busy!

I've just looked back at the blip for when we bought the place which shows the Weed in it's pre-castle days, and the very same garden bench - and yes, I've restored that.

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