Beads on my desk....

Sitting here, at the end of a busy day, watching netflix, when i noticed my lovely old necklace laying on my desk, in the a late night blip!

Spent almost the whole day up in Sydney.  Had an eye appointment at 10am, first in 5 years...and i was overdue!   1 1/2 hours later, picked out some funky new frames....all costing way too much....but worth it cos hell, without good sight where would you be....blind!!!

Hit a few other places - in and out of the car in the pouring rain - We're being hit pretty hard here on the island, with heavy rain, roads washed out etc., but it is nothing compared to what they are experiencing in Quebec and some parts of Ontario.  

A delicious curried kama mattar.....and a very strange movie - all is well on Big Hill!

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