We were up early this morning because the car needed to be taken to the other side of Swindon for its 36,000 service, even though it has only done 18,000 miles.  Mr. HCB was going to go on his own, but I thought I would be able to get in a few more steps if I went and then we could walk back into town.

We decided, however to walk to the Designer Village Outlet which wasn’t quite as far.  On the way, I received a call from the service department at Honda to say that the two front tyres needed replacing at a cost of £93.96 each, which included VAT and fitting, so after telling them to go ahead, we decided to stop off and I treated us to coffee and croissants and very nice they were too.  

I had been merrily taking photographs of tiny flowers, intending to use one of them for the Tiny Tuesday challenge but sometimes things change!

Whilst in Carluccio’s having our coffee, I saw this stack of meringues and they were enormous.  However, they were next to some tiny almond macaroons that were about 1” across, so you can get some idea of how large the meringues were.

I was tempted to pull the bottom one to see if the upper ones stayed in position, but of course, being a sober-minded and respectable more mature lady, did nothing of the kind!

Now back home, having done 6,967 steps plus a few more when I didn’t have my phone with me, so not too bad - and according to my health app, that equates to 4.5 km.  Don’t think I will be going back with Mr. HCB to pick up the car as I have quite a sore throat and feel a cold coming on, so that will do for today, but it has been a very enjoyable morning spent with my lovely husband and it was good to be Numero Uno, if only for today.  He's hoping the weather warms up a bit, as he is off to Bristol for cricket all day tomorrow - not sure if that’s going to happen - but I'm sure he will enjoy it whatever the weather.

"Lord, give me coffee
     to change the things
          I can change - 
and wine to accept
     the things I can’t!"

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