Dodged the rain

Well, almost. As can be seen from the few drops of rain on my helmet, there was a bit of rain during the short ride home from the hospital this evening. 

Because I was in Wellington the last two days, and therefore there was a great backlog of things to deal with, today was full. As I ate my plums for lunch, I was dealing with emails. Therefore no chance for a photo during the day. I did take a couple of photos early in the trip home, but they didn't enthuse me. Which I anticipated. Consequently, when I got into the garage in the basement of the apartment block in which we stay, I decided to try a selfie. 

Behind and to my right is my bike, parked in front of the car. It is so pleasing that almost every day I've worked in the last couple of months, i've been able to ride to and from the hospital. Despite a couple of bullying bus drivers, and the occasional inattentive car driver, it's a good ride.

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