The shape of autumn

Today I had lovely wee break through at work. For months I've had an idea in my head I've wanted to experiment with and figure out how to do.

Towards the end of the week I had some time to devote to it. Yesterday I got nowhere so this morning I nutted out a plan to solve what I didn't know and couldn't do.

My mid-morning I had a minor break through, enough to show my boss. That caused excitement :-) It's rough but the potential is there and it's a good way to have ended my working week.

On the home front this afternoon has been fruitful. One inspection I've paid for and while arguably I shouldn't have to, it's been helpful. Some things are clearer and I have a degree of peace of mind. It's all going to take time and energy.

The other inspection was part of the warranty on the cladding on my house. He was knowledgeable, helpful, and I learned a lot. He'll come back and do a few small things for me and at the same time show me how to do them so I can take care of them myself.

Best of all he's going to show me how to use one of the things tubes of stuff get put in and squirted into places. The dreaded fix-all silicon would be one but he was referring to "RT". In the overall scheme of things this will be a very handy skill to have.

Tonight I have friends coming to celebrate my home. They were part of helping me through the process of selling, buying, and shifting. There will be bubbles, French ones :-)

Today's gratitude: These past days I've kept coming back to the text I received "There will be roses for you amongst the thorns". It is indeed true.

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