Bottle bed-mate for a beleagured hazelh

I bounced out of bed at 06:00am (having slept well), made tea for Mr hazelh (in the spare bedroom), did my morning exercises, ate my porridge - and then started to feel rather ill. After some time in the bathroom, I decided that I wouldn't survive the walk to work (and possibly not a day in the office either) so I elected to work at home.

I did manage some work, but I found I it really difficult to concentrate so I ended up in bed with my hot water bottle most of the day. (We now have a bit of a problem with the conference paper due on Monday. We hoped to finish it this afternoon. I can see this dragging on over the weekend - not good.)

I also missed out on a long-planned curry with Katharine and Jack in town this evening. Mr hazelh is there representing the two of us. I have just managed a bit of banana on toast. Here's hoping that I can keep it down!

Exercise today: sit-ups, weights and stretches.

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