Night blossom

The subject of my somewhat experimental blip today is white blossom photographed in the dark under street lamps. I snapped it on my iPhone on the way back from Jack's house tonight. Mr hazelh and I popped over there this evening to share supper with Jack and Katharine and watch the Eurovision song contest together.

For the remainder of the day I mainly rested indoors, with much of the time this afternoon under the blanket on the sofa with my recovery Moomin. I can't tell if the much-heralded radiotherapy fatigue has finally arrived, or that I am simply tired due to interrupted sleep patterns. I also have hayfever (or is it a cold?) so the box of tissues follows me everywhere I go. However, I am not going to feel sorry for myself. Rather, I am looking forward to perking up again soon.

Exercise today: walking (13,329 steps)

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