Mackerel supper

We were the guests of Wiebke and Paul this afternoon for two games of Catan and supper. Mr hazelh sabotaged my win in the first game by negotiating a sneaky deal of road-blocking with Wiebke. In the end this benefited neither of them because Paul eventually won. The second game was a straightforward win for Mr hazelh.

I blip the delicious main course of our dinner: mackerel rolls with green beans, grapes, and new potatoes. The first course was gazpacho, and for pudding we took a homemade lemon meringue pie.

In other news we watched the last episode of Breaking bad just before we headed out to visit our friends. What an amazing series. We both really enjoyed it. What shall we watch next, I wonder?

Exercise today: bike ride along the Raeburn Path.

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