Final Curtain

I was far too tired to post when I finally got home last night so a back blip it is.  Main blip is the crew of teachers who pulled off this year's production.  I applaud them for all the hours and hours of dedication.  By the quality of performances, they did a magnificent job!  Although, one of my friends was most proud of the fact that she was in charge of the lights which made her feel like a 'techie' for once  ; )

I have put in the extra, a lovely photo with a genuine photo of the student who I was most impressed with.  I can honestly say that I have never seen him smile such a smile at school.  It was heartwarming to see...

Today after work, I was at the reception venue to take photos of the set up for the wedding tomorrow.  The weather forecast has changed many times and the latest says sunshine by the afternoon...fingers crossed!  It will be a fun wedding regardless  :)

As I was out taking blips of dandelions when I returned home, I need to get busy and post one for today's blip!  Ooops!!

D x

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