Contemplating Ghissi

This Altarpiece created by Francescuccio Ghissi in the 1370s is currently on display at the Portland Art Museum, and the pigments and execution are exquisite. There is an accompanying display of pigments and the material they come from, even the little dried bug bodies that Carmine is made of, and an explanation of how Vertegris is made, by soaking a copper tube in vinegar and waiting for the intense blue crystals to form. Fascinating. Sue's sister-in-law gave her a guest membership to the museum, and Connections and Pilipo gave me one when they were in town recently.

I’m still unwell. I had to order a nebulizer online and now I’m waiting for it to be delivered and waiting for the (outrageously expensive) medicine to go into it. Eventually it will all come, and I will probably start to feel better. Sue is taking wonderful care of me at her house, and we decided that we could go out to the museum today if we only looked at one thing--the altarpiece--and stayed no longer than an hour and came back to her place to rest. I’m still coughing, gasping for breath, looking waxy and pale, and my energy is very, very low. But maybe tomorrow I’ll start to feel better.

This weekend Sue is going to keep Evan and Bella with me, at her house, as I’m not well enough to take them by myself and their mom needs to work. I think together Sue and I can have a great time with the children, and I’m looking forward to it.

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