Selfies from the Brink

By Markus_Hediger

Passage Of Time (EP6)

This is the first theme-related Experimental Photography Challenge. Use any of the techniques we've learned so far (long exposure, mulitple exposure/image overlay, homemade filters, pinhole, light) to create an image that represents transience/passage of time. 
I will try to come up with a picture for each technique along the week. Each technique will demand a different approach to the theme, some will be easier than others. For todays blip I used multiple image overlay (EP2) to transmit the idea of a child emerging from her mother and than distancing herself from her as a natural process of becoming an independent person. It's title is: "Can't hold her."

This week's theme: Passage Of Time
Tag: EP6
Go for: Artistic expression
Heartdonor: My wife Carla 

You can publish your contribution on any day until Saturday, May 20th. Don't forget to tag it with EP6. 
The next challenge will be published on May 20th (suggestions are always welcome). Hearts for this challenge will be awarded on Monday, May 22nd.

(It's great to be back!)

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