Truly Blippin' Marvelous

By JohnEdward


because I went out earlier in the day sans camera because I was walking Kiki at Ocote trail. Some of the grassland has been irrigated and is green. The colony of prairie dogs has grown. One of the old dead ponderosa has fallen across the trail. I regretted not having a camera with me when I saw a gorgeous spread of wild iris. I think I might have heard a mountain lion (puma or cougar, depending what part of the Americas you are from). The AZG&F have removed the small cabin.

       I finally looked up ocote. Pinus montezumae . But the trees are mostly piñon-juniper. 

       Then after browsing Blip for the past couple of hours and watching/listening to the evening news I just did not have the energy to go out looking for a blip . . .

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