Up the road

A short walk at the end of today found this. I needed a hat in the cool air and pulled up my hood.

It's been a busy day, too busy but sometimes it's like that.

I used my slow cooker for the first time here. I set it up in the garage and it worked well. I also made the most of chicken stock I made yesterday as the base for my famous roast cauliflower soup. I'm not a great fan of cauliflower but roasting transforms it.

All good stuff but it takes time to process and clean up. On the upside I'll have meals in the freezer and soup for lunch when it turns cold later in the week.

The most impacting part of today was visiting my friend with Parkinsons. She's no longer in hospital and is now in care. On the upside it's close to her home, about half the distance for me to travel to get there, it's pleasant, lots of staff, and they're good.

It's hard adjustment for everyone. I was there around lunchtime so stayed and fed my mate. It's good quality food, more like home cooked and I was pleased her appetite was there today.

Goodness me, it certainly makes you think.

What's left of this evening I'm going to use wisely.

Today's gratitude: It's Mother's Day in NZ today. It's my third one without Mum. That's hard but I'm grateful she had so many wonderful qualities and I have so many great memories to cherish.

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