Pictorial blethers

By blethers

The old road

We call this - as I think I've blipped before - The Pensioners' Mile. It's part of the old main road from Dunoon along the shores of Loch Eck, running from Puck's Glen car park to Benmore Black Gates; it's about a mile long; it tends to be the haunt of older people or very young children on some form of wheels (it's very unusual to see a car other than one accessing the house halfway along). We also nicknamed it something rather more basic, to do with its attractions to dog-owners who can't be bothered going anywhere more challenging; they seem not to be bothered cleaning up after their animals either. 

But today we were late, so late that a short walk was the only possibility, we met only sensible dogs and saw no mess. The sun slanted through the trees and the air was full of the scents that are the product of rain and then sunshine. 

And it made a change from packing for the hols ...

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