in a fierce dominos game, as you can find in Miami's Little Havana, where we spent our last afternoon. The b&w version is in the extras (I couldn't decide on which version to use), as is a more contextual shot of the games.

I love that neighborhood of Miami because it has character galore (vs the many sleek high-rises in the more swanky parts of the city) and it feels 'real.'

So much money in that city - more than what people know to do with... We saw a high-rise built by Porsche that includes an elevator for your car, so that you can literally drive up to your condominium on the 50th floor. Our friends' place overlooks one of Miami's exclusive islands: only 22 houses, with its own 18-hole golf course, with access both by road and water patrolled by its own police force, and each house priced in multiples of millions. People are adorned by  all sorts of glittery jewelry (of the sort that probably needs to be insured...) and the city is heaven for plastic surgeons ;) It's an alternate reality for sure, of the kind I'd only glimpsed in the four years of going back and forth to visit our daughter at university there. The 1% is alive and well :)

Back in DC now with an entirely new sense of perspective!

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