MM173 "The Case Of The Vanishing Peanuts"

Or as Sherlock Holmes would say :)
"This,  Watson Is the Case of The Vanishing Peanuts ".
To say I like Hooded Crows is an understatement .Their intelligence & confidence amaze me .My balcony is huge but covered. Wonderful in as much as sitting out to dine when it rains is a joy it's off putting to birds .Living in hope I leave peanuts there just in case ...Today, on my way back to the flat to finish packing. I sat for a few moments to enjoy the sun. Out of a tree came this bird,cocked his head and croaked what sounded like 'Come back soon'. I gave a peanut yet he waited awhile at my feet .Then back into my apartment. Packing to be finished ( see extra ) & the balcony table  clear of the peanuts I'd left ! Who'd been looking in my flat ?
Many thanks to SkiMi for hosting the challenge.

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