The wrens were robbed!!

I just watched a surprising culinary drama at the new gourd being fashioned into a wren nest. I've been in and out with the camera this morning watching a chickadee plucking Raspberry's fur for her nest, the cowbird cavorting with the mermaid again, and then a robbery!

Suddenly, I saw the Red Bellied male Woodpecker land at the entrance hole of the wren's gourd. I knew the wren was inside, I caught the sight of his tail nipping in. The woodpecker was at the hole looking in for the longest time when suddenly the wren flew out in a flash. The woodpecker stayed and suddenly reached inside the gourd with his long beak and pulled out a tangle of spider egg sacks,( not Wren eggs), adjusted them securely and flew off to a nearby tree with them. The wren then flew to the branch near his nest screaming and ranting until he nipped inside and took up a sentry position at the hole. T and I exchanged a text about the incident and she wondered if the wren stole the eggs from the woodpecker, or as I wondered, did the woodpecker see the wren enter the nest with his culinary delight? We'll never know, but it was a very unexpected and fascinating drama at Dogcorner. 

For the Record,
This day came in sunny and warm, a gorgeous day after so much rain.

All hands dismayed, disgusted and sick over 45 revealing classified informations. This disclosure is just so unimaginable and frightening. The White House spin-masters are shameful. If there was no mess or crisis, why did they have to go into damage control? He can declassify anything, but how could this be appropriate? Now it's all about the leaker, not 45. So much damage can be done in an instant, putting lives on the line. 

The entire sequence of the red bellied woodpecker and wren drama on instagram

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