That's what my day has been - fraught.

Well, yesterday was a bit fraught too.  I had to go and have a hair cut, but it wasn't the full Monty this time, on account of she's not happy with the way my fur is growing back.  It's not as thick as it used to be.  So I just had a short back and sides as it were.  Anyway, when I was having my post-haircut back scritch, SHE did notice that I had a lump on the side of my neck, so she did get all worried and I did have to go and see the vet today.  Not just today, but first thing this morning.  At 9 o'clock.  I can tell you I was barely awake.

I did not like it one bit, because my (sort of) Auntie Claire did say it was a very swollen lymph node (whatever that is), and she did check me out, and did say ALL my lymph nodes were swollen.  And it did hurt.

And things got worse.  I did get taken away from HER and I did have to have a needle and they did take some fluid and that did hurt as well, and I did cry.  But then they did take me back to HER and I did leap into her arms because I feel safe there.

But here's the worrying part - they do have to send the fluid to be tested because they do not know what is wrong with me, and they will call her with the results tomorrow.

Anyway, I don't feel sick, and we did just go for a lovely walk and I think I'll have a nap now.

I'll tell you all tomorrow what's going on.  I think she's got a fair idea, but she's not telling.  Not yet.

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