Silver shimmers.....

....of the Pacific Ocean round noon, looking so large, expansive as three paddle boarders took to the water while E and I wandered along the wet sand of Sumner Beach in Christchurch - jackets were needed.

It was lovely to catch-up with E over brunch which was an early Mother's Day treat for me. We chatted and enjoyed good food with hot drinks while admiring this stunning view. I've put an extra up as I couldn't really decide which one to blip, both so nice and yet so different.

I left the city round 1.30pm by which time the sky was filled with layers of cloud with pockets of blue between them. It was difficult to drive as sunlight bounced off the clouds, far too bright for my eyes and I did struggle, making for a longer journey home.....even so it's always nice to see the sun.

Saturday......smiles and laughter, so nice to catch-up with E :)

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