Quick as a flash.....

.....this tiny silvereye was away.....

Not the best shot, my settings were wrong but it's all I've got for our winter-like day. It's cold, 10C, grey cloud and dampness in the air. I didn't feel like wandering round the garden so opened my bedroom window and quickly got this shot. No time to change settings as these little birds are so quick, I'm disappointed in the lack of detail but it clearly shows how dark our day was.

Shortly I'll be going to pick mum up, she's joining Hubby and I for tea tonight, nice to be together for Mother's Day.

Lovely to hear from daughter A this morning, she's good and feeling much better after some much needed sleep. E is working today/night but she popped in and wished me a Happy Mother's Day, feeling so loved and proud of both our girls.

To all mum's.....Happy Mother's Day :)

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