......I thought today would be a flower kind of day but...... the day drew to a close, I found myself outside in the cold and damp wondering what on earth I was doing. I could hear a high-pitched insistent 'tseep' calling from the top of our cabbage tree and there was a lost bird looking small and sad against a very grey/white sky. 

It wasn't until I dabbled in mono and added some high key that I could make out what the bird was, the markings revealed a little dunnock, how neat is that!?

A bird instead of a flower and it's been ages since I've done Mono Monday,  an impromtu kind of day - today's theme for Mono Monday.

Goodness I was blown away to see yesterday's tiny silvereye on the popular page this morning, I'm so touched and feeling very happy and grateful for all of your kind words, stars and hearts, thank you so much :))

Have a wonderful week :)

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