Silver Birches....

...that have changed to golden birches. This is a drive of my neighbours, and noticed how pretty the carpet of fallen leaves looked as we biked past this afternoon.

This morning I organised my food to take away with me in the morning - just need to get the camera gear sorted later. 
I'm off on a club photography weekend to Dunedin, staying at Portobella. Penguins, albatrosses, land & sea scapes etc.  The forecast is horrendous, sleety showers with high of 7 degs.  Anyrate, we're a hardy stoic lot and will just see what happens and go with the flow.  There are plenty of indoor activities down there....I might just pack my book just in case.

Another bike ride this afternoon, but unlike yesterday today my legs were very tired, and there was a wind to contend with also.

Not too sure if I'll be blipping while away, will just have to get the lay of the land, internet could be dodgy or even non existent.


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