Flower Friday . . . Dandelion

Radiating petals
Cheerful messenger of warmth
Dandelion yellow

This morning I got the highest I have been up the slope and left the grass behind and entered the pine trees.  We met a man coming back down with an elderly man who didn't know his name or which direction to go in.  He wasn't distressed.  In his wallet was a small card with his name, address and a phone number.  The helpful man hadn't brought his phone with him so the forester used his phone to call the number.  Apparently he had been told not to walk up the hill.  The man had his car at the bottom and would take the older chap home.  I can't even get to the top all in one trip so I admired the old boy.  On a sunny morning there are worst places to be confused. 
How nice to have Flower Friday and know Biker Bear's himself is on the mend.  Happy weekend people.  

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