The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Beaver Ball

Saw the big beaver again today sitting in an opening on the bank of Scudder Pond giving himself a quiet clean up. He is so well fed that he looks like a big furry ball. 

I took a walk in the late afternoon after my morning therapy appointment and the support group. There are now six of us "survivors" whose spouses have passed away from some form of dementia. There were lots of folks at the meeting and all of them kindly wished me peace. I am still mostly happy about Arvin's departure. I miss him and will miss him more I am sure as I let my thoughts drift back to what he was like before the disease. But for now I'm just glad he found a way to peace. 

I've been wearing Arvin's wedding ring on a chain around my neck and find that I tend to touch it when I talk about him. It reminds me of worry beads, or rosary beads, something to fiddle with when I talk or think of him. Not sure how long I plan to keep doing that but for now I like having the ring with me. I tried sleeping with it but it tended to press down on my neck and I decided that would not work. So I wear it in the daytime.

Lynda took me out to dinner at Eat Restaurant. The food was yummy. Lynda had a hamburger that she said was the best she had ever had. It had brie cheese, wild mushrooms, bacon and bearnaise sauce on top. She had it without the bun and with truffle French fried potatoes. I shared the spuds and they were delish. I ate a cioppino that was great as well. We had a lovely time together.

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