Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

937. Sheila Fleet Bangle

My hubby bought me this bangle ten years ago at Sheila Fleet's Orkney base where I had the pleasure of meeting her personally to discuss some bespoke earrings I wanted to go with this piece and she was absolutely brilliant....
I lost the wee green enamelled heart from the bangle a couple of weeks ago whilst out playing with my grandson and as most of our time had been spent in a sand pit I knew there was no hope of ever finding it....
I emailed Sheila Fleet and they were wonderful...they told me to send it back to them along with the earrings I had made so that they could match the exact colour of the green enamel...and here it is back home safely repaired and looking like a completely new bangle! They even polished up the earrings so that they're all sparkling again....and it wasn't expensive I am really pleased with what they've done and cannot recommend them highly to Facebook to post a glowing review!

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