By wellsforzoe

Training on the Farm

17th May  2017:

Adamson head of the Farm writes:

HI Boss,

I am glad to inform you that we had a wonderful experience last week. 
We had two visitors namely Aurther Sharwa and Robert Mkandwire, son of the senior GVH who has a huge interest in producing fruit trees and is doing it in s very small way at his home, but with little or no resources
These two guys are coming from Ekwendeni side. 

All farm members were happy to see the visitors. 

The visitors were amazed to  see the new technologies of farming at our sustainable farm. They paid great attention to hear about our natural pesticides from Ireen and Brenda. 

We also talked to our visitors about the benefit of planting fruit trees in their homes. They spent the whole week learning several things such as budding and grafting along with orchard management and how to save seeds. 

They were interested in learning more and told us upon leaving they will set up clubs in their communities to teach these practices.

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