Training Day

17th May 2016:

Our pump team do all the work related to bringing clean, safe drinking water to communities over half a million people since we started in 2006.
They manufacture the pumps in out factory in Luwinga, Mzuzu.and finally they install them when the communities have dug and built the wells.
The initial step is to visit villages who have sought our help, showing them our working model of the pump and showing then how to dig and complete a well. Of course when they are in the process of building the wells, we send out building team to advise and support them in their work.
This picture shows Alfred our leader of the pump team explaining to the collected villagers. The two girls are Cliona, who is on a course placement from University College, Cork, Ireland, and Prominence who is a teacher who works with our girls project in our Centre for Learning.

Rose our secretary writes:
Alfred, Benjamin, wit Cliona and Prominence went to visit  new sites and had  meetings with Chiefs and some community members at Vimasu Village at Kavuzi in the Nkhatabay area). 

People were very  happy with the meeting because they have been using bad quality water from the river and now Well for Zoe will bring them safe water they are most thankful to the organisation.

The community has promised to dig wells in the following Villages:

1.  Vimasu Village     25 wells
2.  Kondamuzima    15 wells
3.  Dewe                    10 wells
4.  Mtambo               10 wells
5.  Bayisi                     5 Wells
6.  Kamzaza               3 wells
7.  Munjeza                3 wells
8.  Mgawo                  5 wells
9.  Kanyamunkhundi 10 wells
10 Kanjala                    5 wells

That is 91 wells in total serving maybe up to 15,000 of the poorest
This is hilly terrain where population density is low

Eleven years ago we came to Malawi, saw the results of huge spending on inappropriate water technology and vowed to return with a better solution to the unbelievable state of rural water supplies.
After all it is not anything like rocket science.
Now over half a million poor people in villages have clean, safe drinking water.
The efforts of two old people, with a shoestring budget, but amazing help from other poor people all over the world, sometimes amazes even ourselves.

Clean water needs local solutions:
1. A simple APPROPRIATE pump that can be maintained by local 
2. A funded maintenance plan.
3. Assistance, advice, support, parts and help available locally.
4. A woman in a village with a mobile phone and our phone number, is all that is needed.
5. A commitment, by installers, ourselves, that a pump is in operation all day every day after installation.
6. A guarantee to supply all that is necessary for this, even to replacing the complete pump free of charge, which is easy because in eleven years it has never come to this

Simple appropriate technology

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