Hotel Light

Eventually we are in the hotel room! We have an early flight out from Gatwick Airport in the morning, so I like to stay somewhere close to minimise the stress of the early start. We are in the Bloc hotel - very modern and close to the action. Bags are already checked in and we just have to walk a few steps to be in the departures lounge. The lady on the check in desk said, 'you could crawl from there!'

In my opening sentence I said 'eventually' because we actually arrived at Gatwick at least an hour earlier. BUT John realised he had left his phone in the car. The car was goodness knows where by now, as we always do the 'meet and greet' type parking. The obliging lads said they would bring it to us, but we had to wait around as, of course, they were, at the same time, doing other meet and greet jobs. Just when I was at the point of 'sense of humour' failure, the lads arrived with phone, and we headed in to the warmth of the terminal and our hotel.

The flight to Barcelona is at 6.45 and, as we have already checked in and only have a few yards to walk, we don't have to be up at 'stupid o'clock'.

Night night!

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