This morning was largely spent in watching the Royal wedding - well, one has to,  Brits maybe rubbish at lots of things but we know how to do a special occasion.  I especially liked the way tradition was kept but there was quite a lot of individuality there too - and wasn't that cellist just divine?  The whole event brought tears to the eyes.

After a spot of lunch, J and I went out towards the coast and found a place called Punta Prima near to Torrevieja.  Here the rocks are very 'sharp' but there were no Atlantic rollers breaking along the shore, being the Med and even King Canute could keep that at arm's length.  At the end of the spit there was the inevitable ruin - possibly/probably a gun emplacement of some sort but well decorated by the locals. Looking through the line of 'windows, there was a bright blue bin strategically placed in prime spot - J went to move it for me - saved a lot of time in Photoshop.

Out for a meal soon and then I might crack open that bottle of cava I bought for this special day.

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