Industrial Man

Don't ever pass by an industrial estate and think there will be nothing worth photographing - shapes and shadows everywhere, machinery, people and buildings.. True, there will be no prize-winning landscapes but there will be lots to excite the imagination.  This chap, and others, were tipping crate loads of satsumas into a large skip - I though they were mouldy (they certainly looked it) but not so. A few were cleaned up and given to me - delicious.  I don't know what was actually going to happen to them as my Spanish is not up to that level, but they were going somewhere.  

At another site, I was photographing some large 'cherry picker' machines for hire; the man who spoke to me was not comfortable with me being so close to the machines, but allowed me to take the photographs - he and his mate thought it hilarious that I found them 'interesante'!  Then I found a couple of ruined buildings, an unfinished block of flats where the strong sun made wonderful angled shadows and a falling down fence.  

I had a great hour or so wandering around with those I actually spoke to probably thinking the sun had gone to my head!

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