Hello you!!

What an amazing day we have had;  the weather did not behave....we have had it all - gale winds, snow, hail, rain, sunshine (repeat, repeat  repeat). But we still managed lots of photography, moody, misty, atmospheric image?  But this fellow won the blip stakes.  He crept up on us and gave us all a bit of a wake up call!!  A male Hooker Sealion.  Delightful chap.

I've just make Mt Diablo Dip,  to be served with bagel crisps, Potato Chips and cheese Palmiers with home made quince paste and grapes.  Someone else s doing a cheese selection.  

We are going to have a fine meal, everyone doing their part - heading down to the community kitchen for drinkies and "before's" in a few minutes.


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