Barcelona Magic

Well - what a day!  Barcelona offered some of its magic and we were both wowed with it!  

It has been a tiring day and we have walked miles - almost 8 miles to be precise.  Starting with a trip to the Montjuic Castle which gave tremendous views of the city below but was not that good, in my terms at least, as a castle.  We then went to see the Segrada Familia - Antoni Gaudi's incredible masterpiece of architecture.  Nothing prepares you for that moment of first seeing the Basilica!  You've seen the pictures, know what to expect BUT to actually see it in real life..... that is different.  It is photography heaven.  I used all the lenses I had with me although this photo of the ceiling is taken with the 12mm.

We didn't intend to do Gaudi's house today, but we happened to be passing! That man is a genius.  Everything in the House was special - nothing bought as it was but everything made to Order!  By this time we were in urgent need of nourishment and a sit down so found a suitable restaurant.  Fantastic day!

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